Analytics Engineer & dbt/Snowflake consultant

Mario van der Velden

Mario is a consultant specializing in dbt and Snowflake. He is very interested in how data can answer business questions. This focus on the intersection between data engineering and business intelligence makes him broadly applicable and he enthusiastically shares his technical knowledge and skills.


Graduated as a linguist, Mario worked as a composer for several years. In addition, he has always maintained and expanded his scripting skills (including Python) learned at university. After retraining at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam (Make IT Work), Mario started working at The Information Lab Netherlands. 

Data Engineering plays a growing social role and is therefore more and more bound by laws and regulations. Mario's interest in this is an added value, especially when care and responsibility are important in addition to software craftsmanship.

With a broad background, extensive experience in project-based work and a great deal of enthusiasm and eagerness to learn, he can contribute to answering important business issues.




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