Data preparation with Alteryx

All your data in one place

Alteryx makes it easy to collect and enrich data from different source systems in a single, intuitive workflow for further analysis purposes 

The solution for data preparation

This means that data and business analysts can design their ideal data set independently, without being dependent on third parties. With Alteryx, this process, also known as Data Preparation, can be automated, saving time and money.


Identify data, extract it from sources, clean it up and subject it to a quick data quality check.


Bring together data scattered across different sources and files in one tool and create connections so that a complete picture emerges.


Analyse the data with a specific purpose within the tool or make it available in other tools for analysis by others.

Alteryx SOurces licence

Easy data preparation and linking from multiple sources

With Alteryx, you can quickly connect to all the sources you need and link them together. Data can also be structured, unstructured or semi-structured: with Alteryx, you can create the right type of data set for your visualisations.


Perform advanced analytics - predictive, statistical and spatial

Alteryx's distinctive workflow approach enables the user to perform a wide range of self-service analyses. Alteryx has more than 60 built-in tools for spatial and R-predictive analyses that range from driving times to regression or clustering.

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Share your analysis with decision makers

With Alteryx, you can decide to share your drag-and-drop workflow in popular formats, as it is, or in an analysis app, where whoever has the right to use it can do their own analysis independently.

Alteryx training

Alteryx Core Concepts Training

The Alteryx Core Concepts training gives you a solid foundation for further work with Alteryx. You will learn all the core tools, which you can use over and over again in all the workflows you build.

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