Define goals


Before we start a project, we first determine your most important goals, which make the difference.

This is often no different from other projects. We describe together the current situation and where we want to go. We involve different layers of the organisation in this. These are not long trajectories, because usually you know in broad outline how you take decisions, where your shortcomings are and where you want to go. Nor do we produce lengthy strategy reports, because the world is changing rapidly and we want to continue to respond to it. 

people determine success

Define team

We determine who from the organisation will be involved in this process.

We would like to take the team on the journey to data-driven work at an early stage. Involved are usually a small number of people from the board/management, from one or more business departments, ICT, finance and perhaps already a BI department. Together, we will look for a number of champions within your company, who will make the difference. This complete team will ensure your success.

rules and guidelines


In this phase, we set out the broad outlines of how we are going to work together to build a data-driven organisation. Are we going to use self-service as much as possible or do we need to work more centrally?

Based on these choices, we will describe rules and guidelines. With a self-service environment, for example, you get a faster operating organisation, but you will have to make very clear agreements. We are talking about data and content governance, in which we work as practically as possible. We must be able to continue to respond to (future) changes.

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