Business intelligence and analysis software

Tableau Software

Tableau helps people move forward with the power of data. The Information Lab knows how people see and understand data.

We combine these insights with a robust, scalable platform that can be used by organisations of all sizes. Discover how Tableau translates your data into insights. Insights that stimulate action - and make everyone in your organisation happy.


Alteryx Software

Alteryx makes it easy to collect data from different source systems in a single, intuitive workflow and enrich it for further analysis purposes.

The solution for Data Preparation
This means that data and business analysts can design their ideal data set independently, without being dependent on third parties. With Alteryx, this process, also known as Data Preparation, can be automated, saving time and money.

all your data in one central place

Snowflake Software

The Snowflake Data Cloud is a fully managed platform that is easy to use yet can run a virtually unlimited number of parallel workloads. It doesn't matter if you are a business user or technical professional. 

With Snowflake, in addition to scalability, you get high performance and flexibility to easily load, integrate, analyse and securely share your data. Our customers use Snowflake as a solution for data warehousing, data lakes, data engineering, data science and development of data applications. But also for secure sharing and consumption of shared data. Want to know more about the Snowflake platform?


Matillion software

Experience analysis-ready data in minutes with cloud-native data integration.

Companies that fail to capture and transform data into timely and valuable information will struggle to remain competitive and viable. Matillion helps agile enterprises turn raw data into actionable, analysis-ready data in the cloud within minutes for new insights and better business decisions.

Made for data professionals

Fivetran software

Focus on insights and innovation instead of ETL Unlock the value of your data. Fivetran manages the delivery of data from source to destination, ensuring that your critical data is always accurate and up-to-date.

Securely connect to all the databases and apps that drive your business, reliably centralise data at the destination of your choice and accelerate analysis with integrated transformations

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