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What we do

Every project is different. Yet you see many similarities. 

This is often no different from other projects. We describe together the current situation and where we want to go. We involve different layers of the organisation in this. These are not long trajectories, because usually you know in broad outline how you make decisions, where there are shortcomings and where you want to go. Nor do we produce lengthy strategy reports, because the world is changing rapidly and we want to continue to respond to it. 

Step 1

Strategy and team

Before we start a project, we first determine your most important goals, which make the difference.

Then we decide which teams from the organisation will participate in the project.

And we are going to work on global rules and guidelines.

Step 2


Once the project's objectives are clear, we get down to work. We will work on the links with the various data sources, recording them in a central data store, transforming the data and creating a data warehouse. 

We will then visualise, examine and make available the data.

Visual Analytics
step 3


Knowledge transfer is one of the most important parts of the project.

We do this in various ways, from standard training courses to learning on the job. 

Step 4

Support and maintenance

Once you start working with the new environment, questions will most likely arise. 

In addition, we can monitor your environment and provide solutions.

And take advantage of our fantastic Centre of Excellence.

step 5


You can use our experts for short or longer periods of time. 

They help you to further develop your data platform after implementation, to get more insights from the data or to set up internal communities etc.

Step 6


Not everyone will be equally familiar and comfortable with data. Fortunately, there are several communities that will inspire you. Data lovers will inspire others here, help you on the web, give tips, etc. 

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