Data driven work

We are going to help you get more insights from all your data. We do this by linking all relevant data, storing it and then visualising it.




Working with data should be accessible to everyone. You need to be able to access your data quickly, discover it and gain insights from it, so that you can be even more effective.

This is not just fun, but also makes you much more successful. Whether you use it in healthcare, supply chain, finance, marketing or sports, you always go for the best result. By working data-driven, you make the difference.

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van een dag tot een jaar


Wij helpen organisaties om data gedreven te werken. Dit doen we door inzet van de best beschikbare technologie binnen de (modern) data stack. En onze specialisten staan klaar om jou verder te helpen.

Je kunt onze experts inzetten voor het visualiseren van data (dashboards), het bewerken van complexe data, opzetten van ELT/ETL processen etc. Wij werken op locatie en/of remote en de inzet kan variëren van een dag tot een jaar.

Expertise: Data Visualisatie, Data Preparatie, Analytics Engineer.

Technologie: Snowflake, Tableau, Alteryx, dbt, SQL, Python, Fivetran, GIT, DataVault 2.0, Airbyte, Matillion en PowerBI.


Tableau and Alteryx training bestsellers

We offer various training courses for both beginners and experienced Tableau and Alteryx users.

Most popular

Tableau Training Desktop I: The Basics

395t/m oktober 2023

Two-day training for beginners and users with some experience. This training covers the most important concepts and techniques in Tableau Desktop.

  • Level: beginner
  • 2 days
  • Virtual/ online

Tableau Training Desktop II: Advanced

395t/m oktober 2023

Two-day training is for the professional with experience of working with Tableau who wants to take their work to the next level.

  • Level: advanced
  • 2 days
  • Virtual/ online

Alteryx Core Concepts training courses

€ 1.260

The Alteryx Core Concepts training gives you a solid foundation for further work with Alteryx. You will learn all the core tools, which you can use over and over again in all the workflows you build.

  • Level: beginner
  • 2 days
  • Virtual/ online

Case studies


The support of The Information Lab has been invaluable, especially during the initial roll-out phase.

Their knowledge and expertise helped the BI team get up to speed with Tableau quickly, giving us the momentum we needed for a successful implementation. Today, our team has reached a higher level of maturity and expertise, but we still appreciate the ongoing support and knowledge of The Information Lab.

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satisfied trained users
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Tableau, Snowflake and Alteryx Experts

Want to follow a free Tableau prep training?

Would you like to learn more about Tableau Prep? We have prepared 7 short videos with topics such as filtering, pivots, calculations and prep conduction. In short, everything to get you fully started with Tableau Prep. 

You can follow the training when it suits you.