Business Intelligence Consultant

Emre Oktay

Emre helps people see and understand data. Knowledge and experience with Tableau Desktop, Tableau Prep and Alteryx. Can be deployed for a minimum of 1 day or as a secondment assignment up to half a year.


Emre was born and raised in Ankara, Turkey. In his early years, he moved to Luxembourg with his family and lived there until he went to university.

In university, Emre studied Music and Communications in Dublin, Ireland. That is where he wrote his first HTML code lines and got intrigued by it. After his bachelor's, he decided to get more into the information technology field, so he attended and completed the Information Systems master in University of Amsterdam. In this study, he learned Python for data science and system design. 

Emre has started his career in the Information Lab Netherlands where he is motivated to learn everything that Tableau and Alteryx has to offer. As for Tableau and Alteryx. Emre enjoys the process of working on data cleaning, preparation and solving problems with Alteryx as well as mixing visual design elements in his Tableau dashboards. Emre's goal is to create visually captivating dashboards with Tableau. 

In his off time, you can find Emre writing and producing music and jamming with his friends. 



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