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Tableau Community - what is it and what can you do with it?

The Tableau Community is a large network of people who actively share their knowledge. There is an initiative for every background and every step in the data process.

Which ones are they? And can't see the wood for the trees anymore? No problem, on this page we will highlight a number of initiatives and let you know what they can do for you.

Tableau User Groups

"Connect with like-minded data rock stars near you."

The Tableau User Groups are there to connect with other Tableau Users. This happens both live and online with the idea of bringing users together at meetings and events.


An example of this is the Dutch TUG. Every quarter a meet-up is organised for all Tableau users in the Netherlands to share knowledge, learn from each other and inspire each other.

The meetings feature a mix of customer speakers, technical tips and tricks and other topics relevant to the development of any Tableau enthusiast. 

Whatever you're looking for, there will always be a Tableau User Group that fits your needs. And if not, why not create one yourself?

Dates + Women

"This group exists to celebrate and advance the achievements and accomplishments by women in data."

The Data + Women usergroup was created to give more visibility to women working in data by creating a space for learning and networking.

A global initiative with local chapters in different places on earth. Everyone is welcome at the meetups, regardless of gender.

Check out the upcoming events of Data + Women Netherlands here and keep an eye on Twitter.


Example of an interactive Tableau visualisation

One Hundred Women in Data by Autumn Battani


It is inspiring when data is used for good!

TIL+ is an initiative from The Information Lab to help NGOs and nonprofits make sense of their data.

Many companies can make data-driven decisions, but the non-profit sector does not always have the technical skills and capacity to be data-driven.

 TIL+ provides these technical skills PRO BONO when resources are scarce. The volunteers find it extremely fun and educational to help the charity sector and be a part of impact change with data.

From cleaning up messy spreadsheets to building informative dashboards, TIL+ helps organisations make crucial data-driven decisions.

Examples of projects include United Nations, The Hygiene Bank, Unicef and World Food Programme. Click on the button to learn more about TIL+ and to register your initiative.

TIL+ has won the "EMEA Data for Good" Tableau Partner award 2020.

Your data has a story. Share it with the world.

"Explore data visualizations on any public data topic."

Tableau Public in an environment to discover other visualisations, get inspired or share your own portfolio.

Anyone can share visualisations on Tableau Public. Look at your favourite subject or theme and share your own visualisation to inspire others. Build a portfolio and a source of inspiration.

1 million people have shared over 3 million interactive visualisations on Tableau Public.

Click here to see The Information Lab's favourites.

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Tableau Community

"Community Highlights - Discover the latest from the Tableau Community".

There is a lot happening in the Tableau Community. The Community Hub is a place where this information and people come together.

The Community Hub keeps you up to date with the latest developments in the community. You can also ask questions yourself on the forums.

Read recommended blogs, view inspiring visualisation and connect with other inspiring people using #datafam. You can also read the latest news on topics such as DataDev, the Tableau Conference, IronViz, Tableau Zen Masters and Tableau Ambassadors, Best Practices and Product ideas. 

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