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Increase users' analytical knowledge with a customized training plan

So, the licenses have been purchased, but now what? 

For both Tableau and Alteryx, they are self-service BI tools that are relatively easy for a user to master. There is a lot of information available online, but experience shows that it is only after training that one gets the best out of the tool. What if there was a structured plan for each (type of) user in your organization? Training plans help users along the learning curve and increase engagement in the community.

Why a customized training plan?


Having a platform like Tableau and Alteryx and access to the data is not enough. It is essential that users have a sufficient amount of knowledge that the tool is actually used and accepted in the organization. There is no one-size-fits-all model when we talk about training and learning.

Why would the Data Analyst in your organization want to learn the same thing as the Unit Manager? In addition, many organizations have the need for a plan that not only looks at the specific skills about the tool but also zooms in on how the processes are set up and how users become comfortable with the data. For example, how do you read a graph, how can I present my results correctly and where can I find certain data?

In other words; Data Literacy.

What is a customized training plan?

When creating a customized training plan, consideration is given to types of users, level of knowledge and background and vision of the organization. In addition, the form of training is important. Will it be classroom training, online training or e-learning. The training plan is put together based on skills per license type and skills per role in the organization.

For example, an analyst needs knowledge of the tool and will engage in advanced calculations to visualize insights from the data. A business user will only consume and navigate through Tableau Server, reading various charts. A community Leader will have sufficient basic knowledge of the tool. However, the focus is on coordinating community activities and motivating users.

It is essential to ask questions such as; who are your users and how many are there in each role, how quickly does it matter to have the right knowledge and how do end users like to learn?

Based on the insights, we get to work on a Customer Success Plan. An example can be found below.


The customized training plan ensures the right combination between learning the tool and data literacy.

Do you already know which training suits you or do you want to orient yourself first? Then take a look at our training page.
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