Analytics for anyone, anywhere with Tableau Server

Tableau server is essentially an online hosting platform to store all your Tableau workbooks, data sources and more.

All you really need to know is that it works like any other server, you can store things here and they will be safe from fire and nasty hackers.

Tableau Server is a product of Tableau, it means that you can use the functionality of Tableau, without always having to download and open workbooks with Tableau desktop. You can set permissions for different parts of the work, so you can control who can access and work with what.


Data for people - responsibly

Tableau Server spreads the value of data throughout your organisation. Empower your company to work with data in a trusted environment - without limiting them to predefined questions, wizards, or charts.

Know that both data and analytics are managed securely and accurately. IT organisations choose Tableau for its ease of use and scalability, robust integration and excellent reliability. You no longer have to choose between growing your business or securing your data - With Tableau, you can do both.

Ask questions in a natural language

Give your organisations the tools to ask questions of their data in a natural language environment. With Ask Data, you type in a question and immediately receive a visual answer. The technology behind Ask Data understands the intent of your question and provides relevant answers. There is no need to understand the structure of your data or even how to design a visualisation. Our end-to-end web-authoring functionality makes it easy to add additional data sources or create fully interactive dashboards.

Connect securely to data sources

Securely connect to any data source - whether it's local or in the cloud. Create and share data sources as live connections or as extracts, so anyone can use them. You can work with common enterprise data sources. For example, Cloudera Hadoop, Oracle, AWS Redshift, cubes, Teradata, and Microsoft SQL Server. You'll use our web data connector and APIs to access hundreds of other data sources.

Management that strengthens the business

Management without compromise. You manage metadata and security rules centrally. In addition, you make shared and controlled data sources available to users.

Optimise your network environment by gaining insight into usage. Find the best combination between flexibility and control.


Security your way

Whether you're using Active Directory, Kerberos, OAuth, or another common solution, Tableau integrates seamlessly with existing security protocols. Manage authentication at the user and group level.

You also maintain the security of the database with pass-through data connection permission and filter at row level.

Finally, keep users and information secure with multi-tenant options and fine-grained permission controls.

Flexibly deployable

Whether your data is local or in the cloud, Tableau Server integrates easily into your existing data infrastructure. You install Tableau Server locally, behind your firewall, on Windows or Linux.

This gives you maximum control. To leverage your existing cloud investment, run Tableau Server on Public Cloud using AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud Platform.


Strengthen organisations with data

Tableau Server lets everyone in an organisation see and understand data. We have a good offering for every user.

From occasional users, who make data-driven decisions with a dashboard, and data-lovers who web-author existing data sources, to the data heroes who create visualisations and data sources and share them with the rest of the organisation.

Powerful monitoring and management

The Tableau platform is easy to use, scale up and monitor. Easily track and manage content, users, licences and performance. Manage access to data sources and content quickly. Easily scale up when you're ready.

Planning, controlling and managing your data flows

Publish and execute flows in your server environment with Tableau Prep Conductor. Schedule the flows you want to run when you need them (day or night) and automate your data preparation processes so that new data is always prepared and ready for analysis.

Proactive alerts let you know when your flows are not executing as planned.

Tableau Server licences can be purchased from The Information Lab.

Tableau Server Licences

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