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Tableau Explorer is a modern business user who is driving change and improvement. They may not have an analyst in their job title, but they are certainly familiar with data. Tableau Explorers want to move their business forward and need to look deeper into the data to find answers to their own questions. These answers often fall outside the boundaries of pre-built reports.

Most likely, Tableau Explorers receive reports from others and combine them with different data points to customise the dashboards to their needs. Pivot tables and lookups are often already familiar to them. Tableau Explorers want to ask and answer their own data questions.

In Tableau, Explorers can create new workbooks from published data sources using the Tableau Creator. They can also continue to work from existing workbooks and dashboards, via a mobile device or the browser. Tableau Explorers will ask and answer strategic questions that may not have been answered in the first reporting round. All with the ultimate goal of making decisions faster.

What products does a Tableau Explorer license include?

Tableau Creator = Tableau Prep + Tableau Desktop + Tableau Server

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Tableau Creator Licences

Tableau Explorer licenses can be purchased through The Information Lab. Did you know that our customers receive free support and have access to our Centre of Excellence?

Key benefits

Business intelligence is more than just software.

As the name suggests, they are the team members who will create much of the content, data visualisations and data sources used by others on the Tableau platform.

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