Analytics Translator

Ivan Klop

Ivan works with stakeholders to identify, articulate and translate areas for improvement using data and analytics, turning them into actionable results that align with business needs. He works with data specialists to ensure that data insights are aligned and prioritized based on the client's business objectives. Ivan ensures that the business understands and fully embraces data and analytics solutions by communicating clearly and concisely with stakeholders at all levels of the organization.


After completing a degree in Civil Engineering and a master's degree at TU Eindhoven on project and process management, Ivan worked for 3 years as an asset management consultant at an engineering firm. Here he advised on strategic, tactical and operational levels on making decisions based on data. In 2021 he started at The Information Lab Netherlands as a BI consultant, after which he progressed to become an Analytics Translator.

Ivan is very eager to learn, to get the best out of himself, and enthusiastic about sharing his knowledge to help others along the way. Below are three examples of where Ivan has applied his knowledge and skills in his career and where he looks back with pride:

  1. He conceived, developed and implemented a standardised way of working between consultants and project managers to improve response time, delivery time and customer satisfaction with regard to the services offered.
  2. He initiated a more transparent, scalable and collaborative work environment by implementing Agile across multiple teams of consultants and project managers.
  3. He has organised and conducted workshops for customers on data acquisition, data exchange, automation and changes to the customer's work process.

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