What is your role and what does your organization do?

I am a partner at Mastermind and under the brand name DISCOVER, we offer solutions for the growth of people, teams & organizations. We use online personal analysis for behavior, drives and talents. Through DISCOVER Partners and DISCOVER Professionals you as an individual or as an organization get access to these solutions to further develop yourself as a person, as a team or as an organization.

What do you guys use Tableau for?

We use Tableau in conjunction with our product DISCOVER for personal analysis. We import individual scores into Tableau. In interactive team and organizational overviews, we provide insight into team dynamics and development potential. Think of topics such as motivation, problem approach, communication styles and leadership analysis. To give you a good idea of this we have an example on Tableau Public.

Why did you choose Tableau?

We looked at Tableau, Qlik and PowerBI in extensive research. From that, it became clear very quickly that Tableau was the only tool that could offer what we needed within the standard functionality and licensing costs. For us, advanced graphical views and interaction were especially important. Qlik could not offer that at all and PowerBI only as a custom tool at high cost and with little flexibility.

What results have you achieved with this?

We have added something to our product offering with Tableau online dashboards that adds real value for our customers and also makes us unique from our competitors. We see this reflected in more customers and higher sales with existing customers.

What has The Information Lab contributed to this?

From day 1, The Information Lab has helped us learn how to work with Tableau and always supports us when we need it on both new applications and troubleshooting. They do this well and quickly.


  • Category: Customer case
  • Customer: Mastermind
  • Interviewee: Marco Robben
  • Role: Partner
  • Service: Tableau