It took me a while to be able to experience the Tableau Conference, to be precise almost 9 years! But finally I made it and I could not hope for a better location too, sunny San Diego!

As I am writing this blog from the airport, I cannot stop thinking how this has been a great experience and I can fly back home satisfied and happy.

Why did I enjoy it?

Well, for different reasons:

  1. Connecting and networking with the Tableau community, old and new colleagues, ex customers, new customers
  2. Learning more about the future of Tableau and getting excited about it
  3. Participating to many different sessions 
  4. Cheering the 3 participants to the Iron Viz competition
  5. Enjoying the Data Night Out in one of the most beautiful locations possible (the Shell)

Let’s expand on each point here…

Connecting and Networking

I reconnected with many people from all over the world, ex colleagues, members of the Tableau Community, ex customers, new customers, friends…

I had great conversations and knowledge sharing with them over the 3 days at the conference.

I also had the privilege and the opportunity to get to know better some of our customers  that were at the conference too and connect with them also more on the personal level, which has been really great! I get to work with amazing people..

Learning more about the future of Tableau

The roadmap of Tableau seems to be pretty exciting and seeing the Devs on Stage and the product managers caring and addressing some of the pain points, reimagining as well the future and bringing in new ideas and innovations, which will be upcoming in the future, made me feel really excited and hopeful for great stuff.

Just to give some examples, Tableau Pulse will be enhanced a lot and in a very quick and iterative way with bi-weekly releases, and the main thing we discovered is that its future will bring it into dashboards too, so it will converge in Tableau Cloud.

Another example, more AI with Einstein Copilot which will be infused in all the product suite, from Prep to Cloud and Desktop, to guide in the data exploration and building.

Many more new ideas were shared and the direction Tableau is taking looks promising!



The sessions I went to – some better than others – were helpful to uncover some topics I am looking into at the moment such as setting up data communities, best practices around governance, big deployments, adoption, data literacy, etc.

I need to review all my notes, consolidate and think about what I can do for my customers, how to leverage these learnings and apply them into their environments. 

Iron Viz

The Iron Viz has been an highlight, storytelling and beautiful design for the winning!

If you have never seen an Iron Viz before, then you should google it and find the last one – brilliant!

Data Night Out

The Data Night Out was at the most beautiful location you could possibly think of, on the sea outside, with great music (not such great food..) and so much fun.

A concentration and union of data skills and passionate people all dancing under the same sky, in San Diego, California. 

    Till the next blog related to the conference… and good bye, sunny San Diego!