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Erik van de Beek

Erik is a consultant specialising in data preparation and visual data analysis using Alteryx and Tableau. From a humanities background, Erik developed an interest in data during his studies.


Erik is a consultant and, among other things, specializes in data preparation and visual data analysis using Alteryx and Tableau. From his background in the humanities, Erik became interested in data during his studies.

This led him to follow the HvA course Make IT Work. When he started at The Information Lab, he became increasingly interested in the connection between the raw data and the visualisation in the real world. Thanks to his dual background in the humanities and sciences, Erik is driven to align the two in his daily work as well. His goal is to translate the story behind the numbers into clear and understandable lines, accessible to everyone.

Since starting at The Information Lab in 2021, Erik has worked for several clients, mostly with Tableau. For one company in retail, he rebuilt the Tableau Cloud environment, at another company in retail he documented the old dashboards and rebuilt them for the future. Furthermore, he has built dashboards for all kinds of clients from leisure industry to insurance companies.



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