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We help organizations become data driven. We do this by deploying the best available technology within the (modern) data stack. And our specialists are ready to help you further.

You can use our experts for data visualization (dashboards), editing complex data, setting up ELT/ETL processes, etc. We work on location and/or remotely and deployment can vary from a day to a year.

Expertise: Data Visualization, Data Preparation, Analytics Engineer.

Technology: Snowflake, Tableau, Alteryx, dbt, SQL, Python, Fivetran, GIT, DataVault 2.0, Airbyte, Matillion and PowerBI.

Building together a data-driven culture

Why not get the best out of your software?
Our experts can help you get great results from your own data quickly.

Whether your business needs to become more data-driven, implement self-service BI solutions or get better insights from the data available to make the right decisions, we can help. By hiring our consultants, you'll have an expert on your team to help you take BI to the next level and, most importantly, get it done faster.

We offer consulting in the areas of: Tableau Prep, Desktop and Server and Alteryx Designer and Server

What can consultancy help with?


Self Service BI

Become a data driven organisation. We help companies create a blueprint for building your organisation so that you can quickly use different data sources, making the company stronger from within and making better decisions based on data.


Data Community

We believe that any company can become a data driven company! We help many diverse teams become data aware and build a community that will help and empower each other.


Data ingest

Of course, you want to have all relevant data at your disposal, so that you can analyse it and come to new insights. We can help you to unlock all those sources with technology where we can use hundreds of standard connectors, but of course also develop new ones.


Dashboards and visual analytics

Our qualified consultants guide companies to the best practices in dashboard design and help build insightful visualisations that aid in better decision making.


Server Architecture

We provide services to reorganise and optimise server capabilities and security. Our team also focuses on working with our customers to understand the best architecture solutions for their business.


Performance optimisation

Our consultancy team handles many different dashboard- or server-related challenges. In addition to practical help, they also help companies with guidelines and best practices, so that your servers run like clockwork again.

Interested in Tableau or Alteryx consultancy?

By hiring our consultants, you get an expert who helps you to take BI to the next level and especially to get it done faster. Of course, this can also be done remotely! Send us an e-mail and ask for more information.

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