The Tableau Conference took place this week in San Diego and it’s time to look back on some of the highlights. A big highlight for me is always the Devs on Stage, who will share new features and products with us. So get ready to learn about some cool new feature announcements.

Data Cockpit
Life is going to get a lot easier for site admins with the Data Cockpit. The Tableau Server and Tableau Cloud monitoring tools have been updated to be more useful and attractive to use.
Composable datasources

For the Tableau Developers this has been a limitation for a long while, but finally you are going to be able to combine published data sources. Finally you can join data to published datasources, and updating the published data source will update everything that you have going on upstream.
Viz Extensions

Tools to include more ‘exotic’ viz types like Sankey charts and Network diagrams have been around for a little while already (we all know LaDataViz of course). But of course the limitation here was that your data is static and can only be updated by creating the viz again through this tool. With viz extensions you can now also use these visualisations in live dashboards. Get ready to start using Sankey charts in your business dashboards! Check out Tristan Guillevins TC session Beyond the Boundaries of Tableau to learn more about this.
Figma to Tableau plugin

Speed up your dashboard building by using layouts created in Figma. With the new Figma to Tableau plugin you can easily add worksheets to existing dashboard templates which can save you a lot of time.
Einstein copilot (also available for prep and data catalog)

Another time saver: the Einstein Copilot. Ask the copilot a question in natural language and it will start creating the viz (or calculation) for you, so you will only have to tweak it afterwards.
Keyboard viz navigation

For a more inclusive usability of dashboards, tableau will offer keyboard viz navigation soon.
12 new fonts

This one speaks for itself; 12 new web-safe fonts will be added so we’ll finally have a longer list to choose from.
Sentiment analysis in prep

Sentiment analysis is the automated process of identifying emotions in text. This will soon be made available to use in Tableau Prep.
Import Custom theme

With import custom themes you can easily import your templates into tableau.
Pulse on Teams/Slack

Pulse can be shared directly on Teams and Slack. Check out the full roadmap of Tableau Pulse here.