The Tableau Conference 2024 is a wrap! Three days of inspiring sessions, networking with the data fam and of course lots of new feature announcements. It didn’t come as a surprise that there was a big focus on Tableau Pulse, so let’s recap what is in the pipeline for Pulse.

This blog covers the contents of the session ‘Tableau Pulse Today and its Future’ by Daniel Platt (Product Management Director at Salesforce) and Libby Knell (Product Manager at Salesforce).

Why Pulse?

The answer is simple; the landscape of analytics still has challenges to overcome:
41% of business leaders cite lacking understanding of data
77% of organisations struggle to incorporate insights into applications
91% of organisations say demand for automation from business teams has increased

About Pulse

Pulse is all about bringing your data alive with generative AI. Its:
Personalised; Transform outcomes with metrics that matter to you
Contextual; Infuse relevant data into your workflows
Intelligent; Identify and communicate insights with AI


So what improvements and new features are lined up for Pulse? Quite a few! Tableau is also eager to hear what end users would like to see and/or what they are currently missing, so don’t hesitate to go to the ideas forum and propose your own ideas for future improvements. But first let’s see what new features already have been announced.

Easily see how a metric is tracking to a particular target with a manual input and later, Pulse can read from goals that exist as columns in the data source.

Governance (Restricting Editing)
Ensure critical Pulse definitions cannot be edited by unauthorised users. Provides higher degree of trust in all the associated metrics.

Trust (Last Modified by and Data Timestamp)
Users can easily know how fresh the data powering a Pulse metric is and can see a trail of important edits made to the definition.

New Insights
Using more advanced analytics, Pulse insights can more easily surface what you need to know and what you will want to know before you have to dig in and find it.

Localisation & Currency Support
The Pulse experience will be in a user’s desired language and numbers and dates will be formatted according to localisation preferences of individual users.

Mobile Interactivity
Quickly and easily change time periods for a metric or add new followers, right from Pulse in your pocket.

Pulse in Teams
Quick performance assessments and act on your insights… where and when you need it, now in Microsoft Teams!

Metrics in Dashboards
Tableau Dashboard viewers can get the rich on-demand insights of Pulse in the flow of their work.

More Time Comparisons: Previous 7 / 30 / 90 days
Stay up to date and get insights on metrics that compare dynamic date ranges, relative to today.

Customisation of Digest Send Time
Ensure digests are sent after data refreshes, so users get the most relevant and accurate insights.

Link Unfurling in Slack
Infuse visual metrics with context and insights, to be shared directly into team conversations in Slack.

Pulse Q&A (“Ask”)
Reveal proactive business insights progressively – Pulse metrics will provide easy paths to other related metrics for deeper exploration.

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