Business Intelligence Consultant

Atzmon Ben Binyamin

Atzmon helpt mensen om data te zien en te begrijpen. Kennis en ervaring met Tableau Desktop, Tableau Prep en Alteryx. In te zetten voor minimaal 1 dag of als detachering opdracht tot maximaal een half jaar.


Atzmon studied at the University of Haifa and did his Master in Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and Remote Sensing. During this time he handled and participated in various projects:

  • Spatial Distribution Model for the ‘Jordan Sparrow’ – A probabilistic distribution model for the Dead Sea reservoirs.
  • Case studies of viewshed analysis for cultural ecosystem services in selected IMTA sites, Increasing Industrial Efficiency in European Mariculture, EU FP7 Collaborative, Project no. 308571.
  • Building a GeoDataBase, geo-morphological models and analysis of satellite images for the Minerva Centre for the Rule of Law under Extreme Conditions.

Switching from Academy to the Industry Atzmon joined Geokom Ltd., as a GIS & Data Manager with the purpose of:

  • Fusing, aggregating, analysing and QAing GPS, Lidar, and HD image data
  • Creating processes for software/data engineers to improve data pipelines

Later on, he continued to explore more data at Bird Rides, as an Associate Data Analyst, Focusing on Fraud, Compliance and User Insights further developing his skills and working on projects such as:

  • SQL reports and dashboards for a variety of stakeholders
  • Analysing Fraud vectors and exploring new ad hoc fraud scenarios
  • ETLs to streamline data production / data warehouse

While working at Bird Rides, Atzmon discovered Tableau’s modern-looking and intuitive environment and started mastering it in order to meet stakeholders needs for data driven decisions using an optimal experience and connectivity.






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