Alteryx 2023.1

Alteryx 2023.1 was released earlier in the year and as a keen Alteryx user it is important to stay up to date with the latest features. This blog will dive into the key enhancements that I will allow you to make the most out Alteryx Designer’s capabilities.

1. Cloud Execution for Desktop

One of the coolest features is the use of the cloud execution. This allows scheduling and running of your Alteryx Designer workflows in the cloud. It links your Alteryx Designer Desktop instance to an Alteryx Analytics Cloud Platform workspace. You can save your desktop-built workflows to the cloud and schedule them for execution. This is beneficial as it means your workflow can run even when your computer is off, and you won’t tie up your local machine. It’s like having a virtual assistant to execute your tasks on demand!

2. Control Containers

One feature that I was excited about was control containers. These containers allow you to manage the sequence of tools in your workflow, create conditional branches, and use tool information for logging or data input. If you love dynamic and efficient workflows, you’ll adore Control Containers. As you may have derived from their name, they really can control workflows effortlessly. Let’s say you’re working on a project with multiple steps, and you want to ensure that each tool runs in the right order. Control Containers allow you to do this with ease, streamlining your workflow and reducing the chance of errors.

If you think these sound cool, you should take a look at our very own The Information Lab consultant Arjan’s blog which goes into a lot more detail:

Alteryx 2023.1 – Control Containers explained

3. New Formula Functions

Alteryx has released some new formula functions that allow you to wrangle your data further with ease. Here are the ones I find interesting and think you will too.

  1. Between: The ‘between’ formula function is a valuable addition, allowing you to find values that fall within a specific range. This can be useful for filtering or categorizing data based on specified conditions.
  2. AverageNonNull: This function falls under the Math category and calculates the average of non-null values. It is particularly handy when working with datasets that may contain missing or null values.
  3. Ceil and Floor Functions: These existing functions have been enhanced with new optional features, providing greater flexibility in rounding and manipulating numeric values.
  4. To Radians Function: This function converts an angle measurement from degrees to radians, which is useful in trigonometric calculations and other applications involving angles.

These functions make your data manipulation tasks more straightforward and formulas more powerful.

4. R Tool Upgrade

As I have a data science background, I found myself using R quite frequently so this new upgrade is interesting to me. Alteryx is bringing you the latest features and packages from CRAN. So, if you love custom R code in Alteryx, this one’s for you. The updated R tool lets you leverage the latest R features and packages, enhancing your ability to perform advanced statistical and data analysis within Alteryx. It’s like getting access to a treasure trove of statistical methods and visualizations.

5. Machine Learning Integration Tools Update

The Machine Learning Predict tool has moved to a more intuitive location, making it easier than ever to build and deploy machine learning models. Machine learning can be intimidating, but Alteryx is making it more accessible. Moving the Machine Learning Predict tool to a more intuitive location simplifies the process of building and deploying machine learning models. Even if you’re not a data scientist, you can now harness the power of machine learning in your analytics.

These features are designed to make the lives of Alteryx users easier and more productive. Whether you’re a data analyst, business intelligence professional, or data scientist, these enhancements are aimed at simplifying your work and helping you derive insights from your data more efficiently.

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