As a partner of Tableau, Alteryx, and Snowflake we offer our customers fast and above all qualitative support. Support is key when working with software solutions. That’s why we are the only partner who gives support totally for free. Using this blog, we discuss some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

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When you open Tableau Desktop, the following warning occurs: 

Your Tableau Software maintenance expires in X days.


Tableau Desktop


Open the application, and then navigate to Help > Manage Product Keys

  • Click the Refresh button to refresh the maintenance license that is expiring. Then close and restart Tableau Desktop. 
  • If the Maintenance Expires date doesn’t update, check with your license administrator.
Additional information
  • The type of license is displayed in the Product field.
  • A maintenance license gives you continued access to technical support and product upgrades. If you let your maintenance expire, you can continue to use the version Tableau that was released prior to the maintenance expiration but will lose access to the newer version.

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