Would you like to get rid of the space between title and sheet on your Tableau dashboard? Follow this blog to achieve your goal.

Here is the situation: while building your dashboard, you would like to show a sheet with its title in a uniform, monochromatic color. So you go ahead and select the same background color for both the sheet and its title, and a different color for the dashboard. Your goal is to achieve something that looks like this:

However, you see a narrow space between title and sheet:

How can you get rid of that line?

In the second image above, the one where the line is visible, both the title and the sheet have a white background color. We need both backgrounds to be transparent. Here is how:

  1. Right click on the title, select format title. A pane will appear on the left, select Title -> Shading -> None.

2. Right click on the sheet, select Format. A pane will appear on the left. Under the Shading icon, select Sheet –> Default –> Worksheet –> None

You should achieve something like the image below. In my case, I colored the background in green, so now my transparent title and sheet show the color below it:

Finally, navigate to the layout pane and choose a background color. This will color all of the element selected:

And here you go: you got rid of the space between title and sheet and achieved a nice, monochromatic card-like look on top of your colored background!

Have a look at the final version of this dashboard below, or check out more of my work on my Tableau Public.

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