The 5 Tableau Conference sessions you shouldn’t miss

Tableau Conference 2020 took place last week, and this year it was all online. This means also that if you have missed some session you can now look them up as they’re all available on demand up till the 15th November. Here below you can find all the sessions we think you should not miss. You can find the full list + scores on this dashboard (based on attendees votes).

How do you access the videos?

In this blog: Devs at Desks / Speed Tipping Favourites / Iron Viz / Anatomy of a Dashboard / Row-level security / Map Layers: Hurricanes Puppies & Burritos

Devs at Desks – Data Skills for Data People

Devs at Desks is a must see of the Tableau Conference Sessions

This year Devs on Stage has gone virtual! On Devs at Desks you will see Tableau’s developer team demo the latest-and-greatest features we’ve all been asking for, directly from their home to yours. We definitely recommend this one among the many Tableau Conference Sessions!

Our score: 5 ⭐️

Speed Tipping Favourites Part 1 & 2

If you like Tips & Tricks sessions you will like Speed Tipping Favourites. In this session you will learn many how-to secrets to bring your Tableau skills to the next level.

Our score: 5 ⭐️

Could not miss from the top 5 Tableau Conference sessions: Iron Viz

Iron Viz is also a must see of the Tableau Conference Sessions

One of the Tableau Community’s favourites is definitely Iron Viz. Tune in to watch three analytics enthusiasts face off to conquer the trophy for the best viz. Check this out if you want to see powerful analytics and beautiful vizzes.

Our score: 4.7 ⭐️

Anatomy of a Dashboard – Retail and Enterprise

This is the ideal session if you want to get inspired. Here Tableau experts take deep dive into the dashboards that show how customers such as PepsiCo, Starbucks, and Indeed are driving and analysing revenue growth with data, keeping executives updated on critical information, and enhancing customer loyalty.

Our score: 4.7 ⭐️

Row-level security in Tableau

Row Level Security (RLS) in Tableau gives you the ability to define policies that apply across your data sources and vizzes. Watch this session to learn common techniques and best practices to control access to your data at the row level.

Our score: 4.6 ⭐️

…bonus Tableau Conference Sessions: Map Layers: Hurricanes Puppies & Burritos

Creating layered maps in Tableau is now easier than ever. Check out this session where the Maps Development Team dives deeper with its data. See how they spatially join distinct datasets and use Map Layers. In this session you will find out how hurricanes, puppies, and burritos are related!

Our score: 4.6 ⭐️

If you would like to see the whole sessions list to check out more you can click here. You can find the rankings of the whole Tableau Conference sessions you can check this dashboard.

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