Tableau Conference 2020 – All the highlights of Day 1

Tableau Conference 2020 is taking place in a different format than what we’re used to. It’s a “Tableau Conference-ish”. It’s not what we’re used to, but what is great about it is that if you’re connecting from your home office, your bedroom or your couch you’re still able to join the data event of the year. Oh…and we’re all sitting first row!

TC20 is taking place fully online and for free, allowing many more of us to join. However, it’s possible that if you’re working from home, you’re not able to take time off for the event. For this reason we want to get you up to speed quickly with this blog – so you won’t miss stuff out!

In this blog: Keynote “The Power of Data in 2020” / Tableau Roadmap – Analytics for Everyone / Data-Driven Innovation and Navigating Change / Celebrity Speakers

Keynote “The Power of Data in 2020”

Adam Selipsky kicking off Tableau Conference 2020

Adam Selipsky kicked off the first day of the conference with the keynote session “The Power of Data in 2020”. The things that stood up to us are:

  • Tableau Foundation: underlining the importance of context of data and seeing the humanity in data, you can subscribe at to be one of the first to know when it will launch! You can check out more about the National Equity Project here.
  • Salesforce: the merge of these two visionary companies has of course been the biggest topic throughout the day. Tableau and Einstein Analytics’ power together has been mentioned in the keynote and has been further developed in many other sessions.

Tableau Roadmap – Analytics for Everyone

Tableau’s CPO, Francois Ajenstat presented all the new platform capabilities during “Tableau Roadmap – Analytics for Everyone”. Besides, he deep dived into how Tableau analytics are getting smarter thanks to joining Einstein Analytics. The things that stood up to us are:

  • Tableau is coming to Slack: you will get your notifications directly on your Slack, so you can be up to date with all your alerts. Plus, you will be able to access your dashboards directly from the notification to Tableau mobile.
  • Power to self-service analytics: now Tableau can autosave on browser, so when you close the tab by mistake you haven’t lost all your work. You can also create collections of your dashboards, something like creating a playlist of your favourite music.
  • Data Governance at its best: within Tableau Server you can now use personal spaces, where you can manage and develop all your projects while keeping your server organised.
  • Prep builder: is coming on browser and is getting Einstein Analytics capabilities! This means it’s now being empowered with predictive analytics.
  • Centralised row level security

Data-Driven Innovation and Navigating Change

Netflix CEO discussing data innovation at Tableau Conference 2020

This session developed around an inspiring chat between Marc Randolph (Netflix co-founder) and Andrew Beers (who has been with Tableau since our earliest days). The discussion focused on building a successful business. Mainly, what is data’s role in it: from your corporate culture to adapting through market shifts. The quotes that stood up to us:

“Netflix has created a culture where you can test a lot of bad ideas and learn from them. All relying on data”

“Data helps you navigate even when you can’t see what’s under the surface”

“There is the data truth and with that you need those glimpses of intuition”

“We wanted to go from I believe to the data shows”

Many celebrities joined Tableau Conference 2020 too!

Yes, Neil de Grasse Tyson and John Legend joined the Conference too – they’ve been very inspirational speakers. They certainly were a major plus for the Tableau Conference 2020 attendees. It’s been interesting to deep dive into the different applications and importance data has in our lives. If you don’t want to miss their great sessions, you will soon find them online.

Most talked about during Tableau Conference 2020: Einstein Analytics & Tableau

This topic has been deeply present throughout the first day of the Tableau Conference 2020 and for good reasons. Merging the tools empowers analysis and companies to deep dive into their sales and marketing data on a complete different level.

AI coming to your data – Tableau & Einstein together

“Ask Data” to Einstein

It might not have the same name, but it surely is as great! Within Einstein Analytics you can now use semantic language to inquire your data. Type in your question > get the results > and if you want to further analyse it, you can click and consult the clarifications.

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