Today I wanted to highlight two very useful features in the latest version of Tableau, 2020.3, which came out today.

Amongst the many exciting items there are two I noticed which might not seem like a big improvement at first glance. But they are features I will use daily once they are available. And I suspect you will use them a lot as well once they are available.

First is the IN operator which you’ll be able to use in calculations. This will replace those lengthy ‘OR’ statements you may be using now.

OR statement in current Tableau
IN Statement in Tableau 2020.3

The second small looking feature is the option to filter in the Search option of the Data pane. I don’t know about you, but I use the Search option a lot. 
You can filter on:
– Dimension
– Measure
– Calculated Field
– Contains Comment
And with the changes to the Datapane since 2020.2 where Dimension and Measures are split per Table this is a very useful feature. Being able to quickly find all Measures available for your visualization.
Or if your company standard is that fields must have Comments, using  the Comments filter allows you to see if they all indeed have a comment.

These filters do not work together, but do work great separately

As you can see above you can click the new ‘filter’ symbol next to the search bar. But you could also simply type ‘c:’ or ‘C:’ to filter for Calculated fields etc.

I don’t know about you, but even though these might seem like smallish features, these are the features that I will be using on a daily basis. Using IN() will save me plenty of typing time and maintenance. And the option to filter in my search bar is great to provide a faster overview in the new Data Pane.

Next time we will showcase more features from 2020.3 as we take a deeper dive in the enhances options within the Relationship Model.