Recently Alteryx 2020.2 has been released to the public. This new version brings a series of great new features: Alteryx Intelligence Suite, AMP and many new tools functions.

Here below you can find explanations and images of everything you need to know about Alteryx 2020.2

Alteryx Intelligence Suite

This is now available as a Designer add-on. You will have access to more capabilities of Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP). More info here

Alteryx Multi-threaded Processing (AMP)

This is a new architecture of Alteryx Engine. It will allow you to work with larger volumes of data at a higher velocity.


This tool has some new improved capabilities: the cell import limit have been increased to 10000!

Data Cleansing

This too tool has two 2 new functions in Alteryx 2020.2: Remove Null Rows and Remove Null Columns


What is new for this tool: if your column contains only one distinct value, a message will be displaying ‘Only one value’

When you have numerical or data-time columns, you can now see value ranges at a glance in the holistic view.


With this tool you now have the ability to delete a formula when it’s collapsed in the Configuration window

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