# You cannot wait for the next Tableau Conference? Here are 5 greats videos of TC 2018

1. Design a corporate standard

In companies, it is sometimes difficult to drive adoption of a dashboard by the users. They like to interact with a design that is familiar to them. In this video, you’ll learn how to use formatting to create a custom dashboard across multiple platforms (Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server and on mobile). This session also explains how to create templates that can be reused by your colleagues.

2. Set Actions

If you haven’t heard about Set Actions yet, you have to watch this video! You will learn the best examples of Set Actions with the enthusiastic Bethany Lyons

3. Dashboard extensions to use today

Have you heard about dashboard extensions, but don’t how to use them or which are available to you? Learn how to use 5 dashboard extensions with this video!

4. How to handle big data

Is your organization drowning in the data lake too? Leading big data organizations are leveraging a multi-tiered approach to data for consumption in Tableau.

5. Next level Viz in Tooltip

How excited were you when we released Viz in Tooltip? Little did you know that you can take this beautiful feature much further than just inserting it in a tooltip. We’ve come a long way since its first release, and the community has done some impressive things with it. In this session, we’ll teach you how to make your Viz in Tooltip beautiful, interactive, multi-levelled, drill-able, zoom-able, conditional and more.

You can find the whole playlist HERE!

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Header image from: unsplash.com. Screenshots from author.