A customer asked us recently how he can control the views of the users and show dashboards with a specific set of filters created in Tableau Desktop. There are several benefits of only sharing already filtered dashboards into a company portal: easy access, users don’t need to know Tableau, one source of truth, seamless integration,…

The solution is to include filters into the URL by adding the filter name and value at the end of the link.

You will find the URL of your dashboard thanks to the Share button at the top of the dashboard in Tableau Server. This method only works with dashboard.

Copy the link,  the URL looks like this:

  • https://tableauserver.name/views/Dashboard_filtered/Dashboard

To see you dashboard filtered, add the filter at the end of the URL with this format:                                        ?filter_name=value

  • https://tableauserver.name/views/Dashboard_filtered/Dashboard1?Category=Furniture

You can add more filters by including an ampersand (&) between the filters:

  • https://tableauserver.name/views/Dashboard_filtered/Dashboard1?Category=Furniture&Segment=Consumer

If you need only a static dashboard, a PNG will be faster, just add .png after the name of your dashboard:

  • https://tableauserver.name/views/Dashboard_filtered/Dashboard1.png?Category=Furniture&Segment=Consumer

From the original blogpost of Andy Kriebel: http://www.vizwiz.com/2012/11/tableau-tip-passing-filters-in-url-to.html

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