Business Intelligence Consultant

Tim Bakker

Tim helps people see and understand data. Knowledge and experience with Tableau Desktop, Tableau Prep and Alteryx. Deployable for a minimum of 1 day or as a secondment assignment up to half a year.


Tim is a BI consultant who understands that data does not stand alone. Every piece of data is a piece of a bigger story. Tim helps discover and communicate that story with clear data flows and intuitive visuals.

As an editor, Tim knows the importance of asking the right questions, filtering important information and formulating the core message in a sharp manner. He now combines these skills with knowledge of Alteryx and Tableau to create efficient workflows and beautiful dashboards.

After his Master's degree in cultural studies, he started working as a marketer in the cultural sector, where he could combine his creativity with his analytical skills that had been hidden away for too long. Here, he worked with increasing pleasure with the dashboards of Google Analytics and Facebook, among others. A new interest was awakened. Originating from the social sciences, but trained in the technical skills of a BI consultant, Tim is able to form a bridge between IT and management.


After a short time as a business economics student, Tim eventually chose to study cultural sciences, which he completed in 2017 with a master's specialisation in policy and marketing. In 2021, he enrolled in the Business & Data Analytics programme at HvA's Make IT Work programme, which he completed in January 2022.



1 1 Alteryx Designer Core Certification

IT Skills


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