Business Intelligence Consultant

Tara de Gelder

Tara is a dedicated and driven Business Intelligence Consultant. Her journey into the world of data began with an IT retraining program where she delved into areas like Data Warehousing, Data Analytics and Python. Yet, it's data visualization that truly ignites her passion. Tara is enthusiastic about sharing her knowledge and expertise while continuing to nurture her love for data visualization within your company.


After a two-year stint in the advertising industry, Tara made a pivotal realization: her true passions didn't align with the media landscape.

Eager to reshape her career path, Tara undertook a retraining program to cultivate the skills needed to become an IT professional. She learned the basic foundational principles of SQL, Python, Data Warehousing, Big Data, Visual Analytics, SAP, and much more, which led to a growing interest in data.

In July 2023, straight after completing the program Business and Data Analytics at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Tara joined The Information Lab team and discovered her true passion for data visualization. Already inclined towards design / visualization, the opportunity to combine this interest with data proved to be a perfect match.

Now, Tara makes it her mission to transform information into compelling visuals that drive understanding and decision-making.



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