Snowflake, Tableau & Alteryx Consultant

Mike Droog

Mike is an experienced Data Analytics Engineer with great expertise in Snowflake, dbt, Fivetran, Alteryx and Tableau. He is used to working in scrum teams, is super enthusiastic, has a clear opinion and will make projects a success. In other words, an ideal analytics engineer for your team!


Mike is a true Analytics Engineer, or data engineer with expertise in the BI landscape. Focus is on deployment of Snowflake, dbt, SQL and Fivetran.

For Mike, working with Snowflake is so much fun, he started a weekly online challenge used by much of the worldwide Snowflake community to improve their skills - Frosty Friday.

In addition, Mike also has extensive experience with Alteryx and Tableau, and thus knows better than anyone else what is needed within a BI environment. Mike's expertise enables organizations to work (more) data-driven.

One of Mike's skills (and passions) is creating flows, data pipelines and ELT; he writes blogs on the subject, teaches workshops and he helps clients improve the quality, speed and agility of their data experience.



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