Tableau & Alteryx Consultant

Joris van den Berg

Joris helps people to see and understand data. Preferably by plotting it on a map. Joris is an expert in the field of Geographic Information Systems (GIS). To be deployed for at least one day or as a secondment assignment up to half a year.


Joris' interest in data and visualisation started when he came into contact with GIS during his studies in Social Geography and Planning. Here he was challenged to visualise data on a map. The challenge to visualise data in such a way that it helps users and looks good, interested him immediately. 

To learn more about this, Joris started with the master's programme Geographical Information Management and Applications (GIMA). Here, he learned both techniques for visualising data and soft skills such as project management. For his thesis, Joris made an interactive accessibility map. His thesis was published in Progress in Location Based Services 2018.

For his degree, Joris did an internship at Sweco, Europe's largest engineering firm. His assignment was to compare BI tools. This is where his work with Tableau began. Joris worked at Sweco for a total of over 4 years. During these years he enthusiastically put Tableau on the map for internal and external clients.

After joining The Information Lab, Joris mainly focused on creating beautiful visualisations. Maps often appear in these visualisations. Joris also has an interest in sports. Together with colleagues Bibi and Lars, he forms the Halftime Heroes project group within The Information Lab. They publish sports-related dashboards.



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