Tableau Consultant

Jessica Bautista

Jessica helps people to see and understand data, specializing in Tableau. She focuses on visual data analysis and helps clients translate business needs into interactive, and effective business dashboards.


Graduated as a MSc Systems and Control Engineer, Jessica has worked in IT for several years both as a full stack developer and a tester. During those years Jessica realized her interest in data visualization to further expand her creativity. After discovering the Tableau community, experimenting with the tool, and noticing the relevance of data analysis in the modern world, Jessica decided to change her professional path and started working at The Information Lab Netherlands as a Business Intelligence Consultant.

With experience with project-based work, client requirements and expectations, dashboard creation, and eagerness to learn, Jessica can contribute to answering important business questions.



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Tableau Network Graph Limitations

Network graphs are a specific visualization that helps you to analyze interactions and connections between entities. Although network graphs are a powerful chart type they have their limitations. Depending on

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