Business Intelligence Consultant

Daniel van Leuzen

Daniel helps people see and understand data. Knowledge and experience with Tableau Desktop, Tableau Prep and Alteryx. Can be deployed for a minimum of 1 day or as a secondment assignment up to half a year.


Daniёl enjoys using his knowledge and experience to make complicated situations to make complex situations understandable. Data is a tool for him, but for him the end user comes first.

During an internship, Daniёl noticed that he loves working with data, here he learned the many possibilities of Excel. As an analyst, he worked daily with SQL and later Hadoop to identify opportunities and learned to clarify the data for colleagues. Even during a period as an independent entrepreneur, data was the basis for his decisions. He noticed that his passion still lay with data analysis and decided to work for The Information Lab Netherlands.

Daniёl's experience as a buyer, analyst and entrepreneur gives him a good understanding of how companies operate. In addition, he has worked with many different departments, management layers and cultures. As a result, he can adapt well to stakeholders and finds good cooperation essential for a good result.

Daniel can work independently as well as in a team. He works in a structured way and is not easily stressed. Continuous development is important to him and he is not afraid to take measured risks or to accept challenges.



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