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Achille Cyubahiro

Achille is a driven, inquisitive and passionate Data Engineer consultant. Starting out as a BI consultant, he has become increasingly interested in designing and building 'Modern Data Stacks' (modern data infrastructures). For example, using tools such as Fivetran, Snowflake, DBT, and Tableau, he has set up 'modern data stacks' data infrastructures at a number of clients. In this, his passion for 'data pipeline infrastructures' has continued to grow. He looks forward to applying and expanding his knowledge and experience within your company. Having fun in his work is most important to him!


Achille strives to deliver the highest possible accuracy and quality in every task he performs. He is very focused and methodical in his work and understands the importance of having high-quality data to generate valuable insights and decisions. He takes the time to understand what information is needed to achieve the desired results.


Relevance Learning
Goal: Implement the 'Modern Data Stack'
design, implement data pipelines, configure cloud-based storage (they use Azure Blog Storage) - and processing solutions (ELT) with the following tooling: Fivetran, DBT & Snowflake. In addition, managing/monitoring/guaranteeing the entire infrastructure.

National Postcode Lottery (Novamedia)
Objective: (1 ) Investigate implementation of the data management tool 'Flyway' in Snowflake. ( 2 ) Develop/maintain ETL data models.
Tasks: Figuring out how to implement the data management tool 'Flyway' i.c.m Docker & (Gitlab) CI/CD in Snowflake in order to promote collaboration between different IT departments while continuing to work from Agile methodology. Additionally assist ETL-Developer's team with developing and maintaining ETL data streams which are then used to build data models with the goal of solving business questions.

Cordaan Foundation
Purpose: Data transformation (ETL)
Work: With the Fivetran tool, unlock data from SQL-Server (0n-premise), to Snowflake. Then with the dbt tool, transform data, prepare it and make it available to data analysts to build dashboards with it. 

Castor EDC
Purpose: To help set up a Full Data stack - Proof of Concept
Work: Using Fivetran, exported data from SalesForce CRM database to Snowflake. Then connected dbt to it to be able to build transformations on it. Data was visualized in Tableau.

Purpose: Build Dashboards
Tasks: To help build dashboards for the 'Market Intelligence' department in Tableau. Also guarding and monitoring already existing dashboards. 

Liberty Mutual Surety (formerly, National Borg)
Objective: Assist with migrating data from various databases to the (including the data warehouse) Tableau cloud environment.
Via SQL scripts from MS Access & using Tableau Prep, built (automatic) workflows to migrate data to the cloud from local storage.

Swiss Sense
Purpose: Build an automated workflow to clean up and prepare data for other stakeholders.
Using Alteryx Designer, designed an automated workflow to automatically download a survey dataset from an FTP server and then further clean it up so that other Data Analysts can build dashboards from it. The workflow was implemented on the client's server.



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