Amongst the new features of Alteryx 2023.1 is a new formula function called 'between'. It helps you find values that fall within a specific range and can be used anywhere there is an expression editor - think of the different Formula Tools, the Filter Tool, etc.

The formula function is written as follows: between([column name], upper bound, lower bound). The result of the formula is a boolean value: True or False. This value can be used for logic in your workflow - think of filtering records or conditionally applying other formulas to your data. I think this is an improvement over the old method, where you would have to write 'is-higher-than-or-equal-to and is-lower-than-or-equal-to' in one expression:

working with 'between' versus 'ye olde method'

Keep in mind that both the upper and lower bound will be included in the selected range:

upper bound and lower bound included
'between' also works with decimal numbers

Just to be clear, 'between' is not available in a Filter Tool in simple mode, it can only be found in the expression editor of the custom filter:

no between...

Is this new "between" function an absolute life saver? Probably not. Will it speed up your expression writing, and thus your data prepping? I think it most certainly will!

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