The Tableau Conference 2023 is in full swing. One of the highlights of the conference is the Keynote. In it, a section is reserved for Devs on Stage. Developers of Tableau then present the new Tableau features that are coming. This year they had a lot of great things in store for us. I'd like to take you through my personal top 3.

Tableau GPT

A feature that almost couldn't be left out... Tableau GPT! There's been talk about Generative AI almost non-stop for the last few months. Tableau is now stepping into this as well with Tableau GPT. Tableau GPT offers a tremendous amount of possibilities in Tableau, and is a super cool and exciting development. Two examples of Tableau GPT were given during the Keynote.

First, Tableau Pulse was introduced. Tableau Pulse is a personalized page that shows relevant information to you based on AI. So the AI figures out what is interesting information for you, and dishes it out to you right away in a visualization. Tableau GPT basically scours your data and looks for peculiarities and deviations from a normal situation, both positive and negative. As a user, you can zoom deeper into this suggested data, and ask follow-up questions that are answered by Tableau GPT. Tableau GPT even provides suggestions for interesting follow-up questions!

Tableau Pulse
Tableau Pulse, Image: Tableau

A second example was given toward the end of the Keynote. Tableau GPT will also be integrated into Tableau Prep and Tableau Desktop. From now on, if you want to do a difficult calculation in Tableau Prep, all you have to do is ask Tableau GPT. You no longer have to write complicated code, Tableau GPT does it for you! Also, Tableau GPT provides suggestions for questions to ask to or about your data.

A very interesting development. I can't wait to get started with it. Just a little patience, though, because Tableau Pulse is scheduled for the fall of 2023.

Tableau Gesture

Tableau GPT was already a cool announcement, but Tableau had something else in store for us: Tableau Gesture. This new feature lets you use Tableau in your video calls. All you need to control it are your hands. By pointing and pinching your fingers on the screen, you can create charts and maps live during your meeting, and arrive at new insights. In the process, you yourself stay in the picture (unlike when you share your screen). Online calls will never be the same again.

Tableau Gesture, Image: Tableau

Address Geocoding

Last but not least, one of my personal favorites: address geocoding. This new feature makes it even easier to create maps in Tableau. Previously, if you wanted to create maps in Tableau you needed coordinates or a spatial file. With Address Geocoding, an address will soon be enough. Tableau determines from the address where it is on the map, and turns it into a point. In addition, you can make spatial calculations with these points, something that was not possible before. Quite an improvement.

These were my 3 favorite announced new features from the Tableau Conference 2023. Note: These are my personal favorites. More great features were announced. For a complete overview, you can watch the Keynote back. Or check out the Tableau site. Also, sometimes more new features are announced during the conference. The examples above are from the first day's Keynote.