For a trade show I was asked to create a dashboard around the theme of care, I chose a design in which routes with time and number of movements play the main role, but how to make it with an image? (This is the the second part in a series of blogs to recreate a workbook ).

To create this workbook you need to follow the following order: first data is created, then an image is placed and then the worksheet is created. Therefore, this blog consists of four parts:

  1. Measure an image and create the data;
  2. reading in an image;
  3. 'plotting' or projecting the data and creating routes;
  4. add the time factor.

For the workbook, please click here or click in the embedded workbook below.

Place an image 2

Once you have prepared the data you can enable the link in Tableau Desktop. Once you have done this you can start working with the worksheet/view.

In the bar, click 'Map' and then 'Background images', the data sources are listed in the linked drop-down field. Select the data source you want to use. Next, a window appears (bottom screenshot). Click on the 'Add Image' button and another window will appear. In this window - 'Add Background Image' you can select an image.

How do you make it with an image?

Once you have selected the image you can select the measures that will serve as the X and Y axes. In my dataset I have already called them 'X-axis' and 'Y-axis' for clarity. The extremes of the axes are the dimensions of the image (also measured in Paint or found in the properties of the image).

How do you make it with an image?

Then bring the measures into the field that serve as the x-axis and y-axis. The values are automatically set to SUM, this needs to be changed. Click on the down arrow and instead of SUM select the 'aggregate function' Minimum (see image below).


When this is done for both axes/values the map comes into view:


This is the last step in the blog "How to make it with an image?", , in the next blog you can learn to place the route.


Photo taken from Unplash, photographer: Sylvan Gllm.