I attended the breakout session "Alteryx Obscura" in Denver. This meeting with 8 Alteryx Aces had to push Alteryx to the limit by using it for tasks it is not meant for. The dark forces of Alteryx. Alteryx Obscura: Is it possible in Alteryx?

  1. The first Ace, Chris McEleavey, took it upon himself to make Alteryx usable for the Wordle game, a popular word game of the New York Times. Through a flow, your entries (in a Text Input Tool) are checked against the NYT Wordle and then displayed in a Browse Tool with the appropriate colour shades per turn. Is wordle itself more user-friendly? Yes, it is. Is the Alteryx version more fun? For us, of course. The applause that followed suggested so in any case. The flow should be online soon. When it is, I will post the link here.
  2. Two other Aces had made a quizmaster out of Alteryx. You have to formulate and enter the questions yourself using a Text Input Tool, but Alteryx then asks the questions with pauses in between to answer them. Alteryx does not ask the questions in writing, but orally via the text-to-speech function of windows. Perhaps in the future, Alteryx will also be able to validate the answer using a MeetBot-like tool and/or text mining. That would be extra fun. Next stop is the Sarcastic Response Tool.
  3. Jesse Clark and Steve Ahlgren had decided together to write a Flow that makes Alteryx usable as a programmable CPU. Pointless, of course, but still very interesting to see how a huge package of macros in macros yields a product that is more or less equivalent to the Colossus II (1944) in terms of processing power. They concluded that, according to Moore's law, it will not be long before we can play Doom on an Alteryx Flow.
  4. Mark Frisch and Alberto Guisande gave a small lecture on how to make a simple task very difficult. Amusing, complicated, hilarious, inimitable, but not very instructive and unfortunately not reproducible in this blog either.

The message that was constantly being conveyed during this breakout session was clear, both implicitly and explicitly: Can it be done with Alteryx? Yes, it can. The question is never if it is possible, but how much time is available. There is always enough energy and creativity within the Alteryx community to help you make the impossible possible.

May 2022 we were present with The Information Lab at Alteryx Inspire Americas in Denver. A source of inspiration, about which more blogs are written.

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