In 2021, we are (sort of) used to online events that were previously "in-person" as we call them now. Earlier this year, I wrote about Tableau Live '21 and on 9 November, the Tableau Conference #TC21 starts with a full programme. To help you through it all, I've already written down some tips.

The Keynotes

At the #TC21 there are several keynotes, these are the broadcasts you don't want to miss. Due to the time difference, these can often be watched at two times. For the Netherlands this is Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 18:00 CET. The first keynote at #TC21 is the Opening Keynote. To experience the "Tableau feeling" this is a keynote you do not want to miss. It is also likely that a number of new developments will be announced.

In addition, you have the Iron Viz, the Song Contest, the World Cup, the championships among three selected Tableau users. These candidates are very good, and above all very fast, at creating dashboards in Tableau. They will create a fantastic dashboard within twenty minutes. As with other competitions, this is a real achievement. You can see examples from previous years on the Tableau YouTube channel. It is also really made into a show. This is really fun to watch, because of all the possibilities and creativity that passes by.

Finally, the Devs on Stage! One of my favourites is the #DevsOnStage, where Tableau Developers show what they are developing. Besides the fact that it is of course new features, the enthusiasm they share is also very contagious. That is why I organised a watch party with Data + Women and the Tableau User Group Netherlands, in a real cinema in Rotterdam. Through this link you can register.

The sessions

There are many sessions to watch, both live (they usually take place three times) and on demand. What I often do is make a selection and then schedule it in my calendar. If a session is given during the day, it is also given in the evening, due to the time difference. Before I decide where to go, I look at which events are only taking place now and cannot be watched later. What I personally look for is new development and of course Data + Women. You should also look at what you are interested in. If this is sport, Half Time Heroes has already compiled an overview for you.

Networking & Braindates

Around the Tableau Conference there is also plenty of time for networking and meeting people with similar interests. There are often several Watch Parties organised, but also online there is plenty of networking to be done. For example, before the Data + Women session there is a networking moment. An overview of all these User Group Meetup #TC21 moments can be found here

There are also brain dates, which are sessions that anyone can organise. This can be about a business problem, in a group or just 1 on 1 talk about how you ended up in Data Visualisation. What I noticed is that these sessions often fill up quickly, my tip for next year (also for me 😉 ) is to keep an eye on these after registering for the conference. This is also a good time to set up your own session in case the topics you find interesting are full.


FOMO, or the Fear Of Missing Out. My last tip is, you can't be everywhere. If there is a tip or a session you wouldn't want to miss, you will see it on our channels.

Don't forget to register for the Tableau Conference here: Will we see you there?

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