Are you tired of wasting a lot of time (right)clicking, dragging and dropping measures/values back and forth while working on multiple worksheets? Well you can put that to the past and start working faster! Allow me to present to you some of the shortcuts that could drastically save you precious time and allow you to multitask while working in tableau.

Copying fields (pills) 

Sometimes you want to use the same field over and over again on different shelves or marks, or you just want to duplicate some fields twice (for example when creating a dua-axis). To achieve this, just hold down the CTRL key (Command key for the Mac) and drag the pill right next to itself.

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Pan/move objects around

Often when working with maps, you would like your map to stay in the centre of your window. Your map can also get out of position, after zooming into a specific area of it. How to quickly reposition your map? Just hold the Shift key (for both PC & Mac) and drag the map around to where you would like to position it. But before you can do that, make sure to enable the option 'allow pan & zoom' from the map options.

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Adding a label on a table with a single measure

Many times when creating a table in tableau, the header labels are automatically added. However, this is not the case with a table of only one measure! So how do we get a label on top of that measure? Well, simply double click measure values after creating the table. Alternatively, you can also drag the measure values field into the table.

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Quickly add (sub)totals to your table

Want to quickly view the totals or sub-totals of your table? Simply double-click Totals from the Analytics pane.

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Select an area from your view

Select an area from your view much faster with these shortcuts, instead of using the standard view tool bar. These Hot Keys are not limited to map views only, but can be used for other type of views such as tables.

-Square area: press and hold on the A key (for both PC & Mac) and drag the area you want to select.

-Radius area: press and hold the S key (for both PC & Mac) + drag 

-Lasso area: This is a more free-form selection option. Press and hold the D key (for both PC & Mac) + drag

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