This series is about sharing the knowledge I have obtained by studying various topics regarding data visualization. When to use which chart type? What about color theory? And what are visual variables? While sharing, I hope to inspire others to learn more about the science behind data visualization and visual best practices. I am by all means no expert on this topic. However, I am convinced that sharing is the way forward.

This series is about sharing the knowledge.
Data visualization

For me, data visualization is about telling visual stories. It is a way of exploring, understanding, and find meaningful insights from datasets. It is about asking questions, finding answers, and asking even more follow-up questions.


Tableau is a powerful tool for creating all kinds of data visualizations. In my opinion, it is only limited by your imagination. But how to distinguish a ”good” from a ”bad” visualization? Are there any rules when creating visual stories? Which chart, color or typography should I use? And what about design principles?

Tableau is a powerful tool for creating all kinds of data visualizations.

In this series, I am going on a quest to answer the above questions and hopefully much more. I am using the below topics to provide some structure. I will try to publish a new blog every once in a while. It works like watching a Netflix series. After each blog, you cannot wait until the next one is out 😉

  • Chart types
  • Color theory
  • Design principles
  • Typography
  • Visual variables
  • Gestalt principles

In each blog, I will ask myself – and try to answer – the same three questions:

  1. What is it?
  2. Why is it important?
  3. How to use it?

In addition, I will provide you with some – I think – helpful resources.

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