After working with Tableau Prep for a while, I was greeted with a “you’ve got an update waiting” message this morning. Being a sucker for updates and after rounding up my “to-do” list I decided to install the update and get everything ready again.

I first noticed an issue when the splash screen took a while longer than usual but thinking nothing of it, I went to work as usual.

This, however, is when the problems started: small changes to workflows took ages to load, Prep seemed unresponsive and previewing data took so long that I could get a coffee refill before executing the next step.

Concerned for my general health with all the added caffeine I started asking around for known issues with prep until someone pointed me towards an older KB-article published by Tableau about the EXACT issue ( As my luck would have it: the KB-article was no longer available and nowhere to be found.

After stretching my legs and doing some warmups, I summoned all of my google-fu and found the answer, hidden in the dark corners of the Tableau community boards which I’m posting here for posterity:


  1. Run the following command in terminal to check the current hostname, and note it down in case you want to reverse the change:
  2. Run the following command to change the hostname to “localhost”: sudo scutil –set HostName “localhost”
  3. Restart Tableau Prep Builder and verify that the issue no longer occurs.


Hostnames other than “localhost” can cause performance issues for some software, including Tableau Prep Builder.

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