In this map of The Netherlands, you can choose to see the number of inhabitants by either Districts or City. Did I use two sheets to create this map? No, I used only one sheet, one parameter and two calculated fields.
[tableau url=”” width=”560px” height=”750px”][/tableau]
I used two shapefiles from and joined them in Tableau.
  •  Let’s start with the parameter: Set the data type to ‘string’, choose ‘list’ and create two values: ‘City’ and ‘District’
  • First calculated field: ‘choose geometry’, based on the parameter, it allows swapping between the two geometries (City and District in our case)
Tableau calc parameter
  • Second calculated field: ‘name geometry’, based on the parameter, it set the dimension related to the geometry.
 Following steps:
  • Double click on the calculated field ‘choose geometry’
  •  Add the field ‘name geometry’ to Detail
  • Drag the measure ‘Number of inhabitants’ to Color
  • Show Parameter Control

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